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Released Today: ColdFusion on Wheels 0.9.4

We’ve just released ColdFusion on Wheels version 0.9.4 today on Thanks to Per Djurner, Tony Petruzzi, and James Gibson for contributing new features and improving the stability of the framework. And thanks to the community for feedback and supporting our efforts. Our presence is really starting to grow.

Screencasts Are Back

This blog has been a little quiet lately, but believe me that plenty has been going on behind the scenes.

We’ve released a new section on our site for Screencasts. I’ve started a series on building a fake social networking site, and the first 2 episodes are there:


Wheels API Documentation Available

The documentation now contains a section that documents all public functions in the Wheels API. You can now browse an complete list of the functions or browse by category.

It feels good to remove the apology for incomplete documentation from the documentation section! (more…)

Hello Database Tutorial

As a follow-up to the Hello World tutorial, we’ve just released a tutorial called Hello Database.

As its name suggests, the point of this new tutorial is to help you get a jump start on learning about Wheels’s ORM functionality. This is not an exhaustive walk-through but rather a taste so you can dip your toe into the pool.

If you’ve been on the fence on whether you’d like to try ColdFusion on Wheels, give the tutorial a read.

Wheels Round Up for 2009/12/11


I would like a couple hat-tips to Sean Corfield for mentioning Wheels in his blog entry about Hal Helms leaving CFML.

And to ColdFusion Open-Source Update by Brian Rinaldi who regularly mentions Wheels along with all sorts of other CF Open Source news.

Finally, Thanks to Ben Forta, yes Mr. ColdFusion himself. He mentions Wheels 1.0 Release. (more…)

Download ColdFusion on Wheels 0.9.3

Wheels matures a little more with version 0.9.3. Download it today.

For those of you upgrading from Wheels 0.9.2, the most that you’ll probably need to do is delete the wheels folder from your install and replace it with the new wheels folder. Voila!

Wheels Presentation at MDCFUG Tonight

Mike Henke presented about Wheels tonight at the Maryland ColdFusion User’s Group. He gave an overview of how Wheels and MVC frameworks work and demonstrated some code examples. (more…)

Wheels Is Hanging with the Big Boys Just Fine

Well, my first blog post for Wheels. I am Mike Henke. I fell in love with Wheels after I asked my friend Ryan Stille what ColdFusion framework he thought looked interesting and would like to learn. I always wanted to implement a CF framework at work, but business constraints (time, complexity, learning curve, priority) never worked until I found Wheels.

In this entry, I will be providing some surprising and interesting stats showing how Wheels has grown over the past couple years. Here are a couple to start with: had a spike of over 500 unique visitors and 42 downloads in one day last month.

Number of visits is starting to show an exponential trend. (more…)

Associations Chapter in Documentation

A big part of Wheels’s included ORM is its use of associations to describe relationships between models. It’s been a long time coming, but we released a chapter in the Docs about associations along with the 0.9.1 release of ColdFusion on Wheels.

Wheels 0.9: The Final Final Beta Cycle

We’re happy to announce a significant maintenance release of Wheels: version 0.9. We’re also running out of decimal points on the way to 1.0. I don’t think we’ll do anything cheap like version 0.10. 🙂 Consider this the final beta cycle.

I asked Per how many bugs were fixed in this release, and he answered, “Tons.”