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CFWheels on CF Alive

David Belanger and Tom King from the CFWheels core team chat to host Michaela Light on the CF Alive Podcast! Have a watch/listen and share far and wide…

You can view the original post on the TeraTech website here 

Core Team Updates

Thanks to Per & Chris

Over the past ten years we’ve been very lucky to have some great developers being part of the CFWheels core team. Unfortunately every now and then, we have to let people move on to other things as their jobs or circumstances change, and sadly we’ve had to say goodbye to Per Djurner (@perdjurner) and Chris Peters (@chrisdpeters) recently.

Both have contributed massively to CFWheels over many years: I think there are a lot of people who can blame Chris for his original series of screencasts getting them hooked (myself included!) on Wheels, and I’d wager that every CFWheels user has benefited from Per’s knowledge and guidance; both of them will be missed – a huge thank you to both of them.

Welcome to David & Andy

We’re pleased to announce that David Belanger (Github/dbelanger) and Andy Bellenie (Github/andybellenie) have agreed to join the Core team. Andy used to be on the team a few years ago, and brings lots of years of CFWheels experience with him. David joins us from Argentina (and occasionally Canada), making us a highly international group, with Tom & Andy in the UK and Adam over in Australia (unfortunately, with very few timezone crossovers!). It’s fantastic to have them on-board.

Up Next

Our next milestone is finishing up a 2.1 release: Please check the 2.1 Milestone to hear about upcoming features such as improved CORS headers, and also check the Changelog for all the bug fixes and improvements already implemented since 2.0.1. 

10 years of CFWheels / Welcome Adam / CFWheels 2.x

A bit of history:

It’s slightly hard to put an exact date on it, but this year (probably) celebrates 10 years of CFWheels!

Obviously, in the internet age, 10 years is an awfully long time. The first mention I can find if from Pete Freitag’s “Get Wheelin” blog post celebrating CFWheels 0.1 in November 2005. Rob Cameron, the original author moved over to Rails full time a few years later: you can catch up with him at Over the years there have been a lot of contributors – whilst our GitHub repo hasn’t quite got that (very) early history, since Jul 23, 2006, we’ve had:

  • 2825 commits (Per Djurner has the dubious claim to fame of the first commit, and at time of writing, the most recent too :))
  • 22 Branches
  • 43 Releases
  • 76 forks
  • 453 issues

Whilst there was a “bit of a break” around 2012/13, Wheels has been going from strength to strength. Contributors have changed and moved on, and so have core team members. Our thanks go out to all of them!

Welcome Adam!
We’re very pleased that Adam Chapman (@chapmandu) has agreed to join the CFWheels core team! He’s been a long-time supporter of wheels, we’re very glad to have him on board. We expect great things AC…. great things. 🙂 You can find Adam’s blog here.

CFWheels 2.x:

Lots of chat at the moment about the next major release of CFWheels – please do get involved on the Google group if you’ve got ideas. At the moment, amongst lots of micro improvements, we’re looking at:

  • integrating the ColdRoute plugin into the core:  ColdRoute allows you to define RESTful resources through new expressive routing helpers and controller conventions. It also allows you to organize controllers and views into subfolders via “namespaces” or “modules.”
  • improving wheels as a true RESTful service provider: you can already return JSON, XML and lots of other good stuff, but we’re looking to improve things like setting custom headers, and really controlling your APIs response
  • improving the plugin architecture, and generally looking a more “modular” way of doing things.
  • dropping CF8/9 support; dropping Railo (as you should all be on Lucee now!!)
  • better Commandbox support: we’ll be looking at CLI type stuff to make getting going with wheels even quicker.

Got an idea? Get on the Google Group and let us know!

Andy Bellenie to speak at Scotch on the Rocks 2013

Core team member Andy Bellenie is presenting at the Scotch on the Rocks conference this year, held 6-7 June in Edinburgh, Scotland.

There’s an great set of speakers lined up, including Ray Camden (Adobe), Luis Majano (Coldbox), Matt Gifford, Mike Henke, Bruce Lawson (Opera), Guust Nieuwenhuis and many more, not to mention Andy Allan and the guys from Fuzzy Orange who make it all possible.

Andy will be presenting a talk on the use of mindfulness-meditation as a technique for both professional and personal development. He’ll also be flying the flag for CFWheels at the conference and will run a BOF session for newbies and pros alike.

More info on his talk can be found here:

And the main conference site is here:

Welcome Don Humphreys to the core team

Please join me in welcoming Don Humphreys to the Wheels core team. Don has certainly grabbed our attention over the past few months with development of the CFRel and ColdRoute plugins, which bring some significant Rails 3 features to Wheels.

Congratulations Don! We’re looking forward to your contributions to the project.

You can follow Don on GitHub as dhumphreys and Twitter as @dhumphreys88.

ColdFusion on Wheels is moving to GitHub

On Sunday, January 23, the Wheels project moved its source code hosting to GitHub. You can now browse to the cfwheels repository on GitHub, fork it, and watch it for updates—all from your GitHub dashboard.

This is only for the source code as we will still be using Google Code for issue tracking and documentation for the time being. (more…)

Wheels Blog Badges, Wallpaper, and Free T-Shirts

ColdFusion on Wheels will be giving away a limited number of How’s My Coding? t-shirts at cf.Objective. In the spirit of upcoming conferences and love for Wheels, Chaz Chumley has made How’s My Coding? wallpaper and blog images.

cf.Objective(), April 22-24, and CFUnited, July 28-31, will have Wheels sessions so register, attend our sessions, and say Hi. (more…)

T-shirt and Hosting Giveaways at CFUnited 2010

Representatives from the ColdFusion on Wheels community are mingling around at CFUnited 2010, which was just kicked off by Adobe’s keynote. If you’re around at the conference, come say hi to myself, Mike Henke, and Chaz Chumley.

The 3 of us will be giving 3 different presentations about Wheels on Thursday afternoon:

If you run across us, we’re giving out some awesome t-shirts designed by Raul Riera and his dev shop, Hipervinculo. (more…)

ColdFusion on Wheels 1.1 Release Candidate 1

After fixing some bugs found in the 2nd beta, we are happy to release the first release candidate of version 1.1 of the ColdFusion on Wheels framework. If you’re currently developing with one of the beta releases or are considering exploring version 1.1, we strongly encourage that you download the RC today.


Congratulate Tony Petruzzi, our New Lead Developer

We are excited to announce that Tony Petruzzi is taking on the role of lead developer for the Wheels Core Team. Tony’s technical skill and dedication to the project will undoubtedly lead us to great places in the future. We are already cooking up some new plans and are excited to continue on under Tony’s leadership.

We would also like to take a moment to thank Per Djurner, who has led the project for several years now. Much of the code and documentation have been contributed by Per, and we ultimately wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for his generosity.

As we approach 2011, we will be focusing on ways to get the community more involved with contributing to the project. Stay tuned for more news soon.