Wheels Round Up for 2009/12/11


I would like a couple hat-tips to Sean Corfield for mentioning Wheels in his blog entry about Hal Helms leaving CFML.

And to ColdFusion Open-Source Update by Brian Rinaldi who regularly mentions Wheels along with all sorts of other CF Open Source news.

Finally, Thanks to Ben Forta, yes Mr. ColdFusion himself. He mentions Wheels 1.0 Release.

Worth Noting

Worth noting is Ray Camden blogs about FW/1. Ray mentions FW/1 using conventions over configuration (CoC) which is great. Wheels uses CoC, though Wheels is not as young as FW/1. Wheels has been being developed since July 2006 and recently released the first production ready version. To see the history of Wheels development through the years click here.

Honorable Mentions

The CFHour podcast mentions Hal Helms’s blog post and talks about Ruby on Rails. It is nice to hear the ideas inspiring Wheels bantered about in the ColdFusion world. It shows the impact of Wheels frameworks’ core principles are real and here to stay.

Wheels has hit Asia with a recent post on ChinaOnRails.com

Google Group Threads

Here are some interesting Google Group threads going on in the Wheels group.


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