Wheels 0.9: The Final Final Beta Cycle

We’re happy to announce a significant maintenance release of Wheels: version 0.9. We’re also running out of decimal points on the way to 1.0. I don’t think we’ll do anything cheap like version 0.10. 🙂 Consider this the final beta cycle.

I asked Per how many bugs were fixed in this release, and he answered, “Tons.”

Many of these bugs were reported by the community, which is an amazing thing to see. The success of this framework is being built on top of direct feedback from you. Many thanks!

I’d also like to announce that we’ve added Raúl Riera to our core team of contributors. Raúl has been working on an impressive scaffolding plugin and has contributed a ton of feedback and code patches to the project. I also run across his comments all over the CFML blogosphere, championing Wheels and getting the word out.

Many thanks to Per, Peter, Tony, Raúl, and everyone else who has been contributing to the project in various ways. It looks like we’ll be production-ready this year!


  1. Per Djurner says:

    I’m already looking forward to the Final Final Final beta now 😉

  2. Joel Funk says:

    I am having a similar problem. Running cf8 on Linux box running Plesk. How did you fix the permissions problem? How can I do a chmod?

  3. reinhard says:

    even with 0.9 i’m still getting the error …

    >> Could not find the ColdFusion Component or Interface controllers.Say.

    system is ubuntu 64bit srv with cf8 developer living in a virtual machine
    strange thing is that demo app (user administration) works … but if i try to implement another controller for example Say.cfc i get the error 🙁

    any ideas are welcome!

  4. reinhard says:

    problem solved … there was a permission problem with the files, simple chmod did the job … sorry 🙁

  5. Chris Peters says:

    Not a problem. Your comment may help out a future Google searcher, so it’s not a wasted effort. 🙂