Download ColdFusion on Wheels 0.9.3

Wheels matures a little more with version 0.9.3. Download it today.

For those of you upgrading from Wheels 0.9.2, the most that you’ll probably need to do is delete the wheels folder from your install and replace it with the new wheels folder. Voila!

What’s new in this release?

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes to make Wheels run better on Railo 3.1 and the upcoming Adobe ColdFusion 9.
  • Fix to make it possible to use routes in forms.
  • Fix so that functions added to the events/functions.cfm file are globally available in the application and not just from ColdFusion events.
  • Fixes to the Oracle database adapter.
  • Fixes to make the ORM work better when mapping properties to columns with different names.
  • …and more minor fixes.

Feature Enhancements

  • Partials now allow you to pass a query, which will cause the partial to be run for every record in the query.
  • Improvement to the simpleFormat() function.
  • Improvements for display of pagination links.
  • For security reasons, Wheels will now abort all requests that don’t go through index.cfm or rewrite.cfm in the root.

New Functionality

  • Added 3 new object callback types: afterNew(), afterFind(), and afterInitialization().
  • Support for the PostgreSQL DBMS.
  • Support for setting default values on objects based on the database settings (through the new(), create(), and save() methods).
  • New dependent setting for associations, which decides which join type to use in queries and whether or not to delete associated objects when the parent is deleted.

Watch for updates to the Documentation over the next few days.


  1. reinhard says:

    as u can see i installed it in a demoweb on a virtual machine.
    with …

    Framework: Wheels 0.9.3 (design mode)
    CFML Engine: Adobe ColdFusion 8,0,1,195765
    URL Rewriting: On

    everything works fine (say/hello for example), but when i want to use the pluginmanager …


    error ….

    The 2 parameter of the Mid function, which is now 0, must be a non-negative integer

    /webroot/wheelstest/plugins/pluginmanager/PluginManager.cfc: line 46

    (webroot is the folder where all the webs of the devserver live in separate subfolders)

    any guess?

  2. Chris Peters says:

    It looks like this is being handled, according to this discussion thread…

  3. John Farrar says:

    Will this be 1.0 by CF United?

    Will you be there? Would love to meet you guys.

  4. Chris Peters says:

    Sorry John, not by then. Perhaps next year? 🙂