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Wheels 0.9.1 Available

We are excited to announce the availability of ColdFusion on Wheels 0.9.1. I personally can tell you that the core team and community have really outdone themselves with this release. It is a giant step toward an impending release candidate.

New Chapter: Object Validation

Another quick announcement. We’ve released a chapter in the Documentation about object validation.

Object validation allows you to enforce business logic related to your data easily. It also allows you to persist your objects so that your application can communicate error messages back to the user or handle the errors in some other way. It’s a very clean way of handling logic that can be very repetitive if you choose to write it all out by hand instead.

Welcome James Gibson to the Core Team

We’re happy to announce the addition of James Gibson to the Wheels core team. The core team leads the development and community efforts of the framework.

James has been actively submitting patches to the Google Code site for a while now. He finds a problem and immediately gets to work on fixing it himself. That’s a guy that we need on the team!

Please join me in congratulating James. We all look forward to our project getting that much better with him on board.

Apologies for Duplicate Entries in RSS

I switched the domain for to yesterday (We’re not trying to make money from you, after all.)

As a result of this URL switch, FeedBurner reposted the last 10 blog entries as new posts. You may safely ignore the flood of “new” posts if you would like.

Sorry for the confusion that I may have caused. Blunder alert!

How OO Almost Destroyed a Business

I stumbled across an honest account by Marc Funaro about how OO almost destroyed his business. He spares no detail in the post, but I still think it is worthwhile to read in its entirety as a reality check for yourself.

Wheels 1.0: We're Production Ready

We’ve gone 1.0! Go download ColdFusion on Wheels 1.0 and give it a try. If you’re upgrading from a previous version, please review the instructions for Upgrading to 1.0 (even if you’re upgrading from the release candidate). (more…)

Methods for Tracking Change

Per gets down and dirty with a new chapter in the Documentation called Dirty Records. Really it’s all about tracking change to your database records dynamically.

Give it a read and learn about the power of methods like hasChanged(), XXXHasChanged(), XXXChangedFrom(), changedProperties(), allChanges(), and more.

Wheels 0.9.2 Release

We’ve released ColdFusion on Wheels 0.9.2 into the wild this evening. No new features really, but quite a few bug fixes.

Download version 0.9.2 and bring your Wheels app that much closer to 1.0. (We’re getting really close.)

Documentation Updates: Pages, Sending Email, and Configurations

We have 2 new chapters and 1 updated chapter in the Documentation.

Wheels Added to CFML Framework Generator for Eclipse

Robert Burns was pretty quick at adding Wheels to his CFML Framework Skeletons plugin for Eclipse after we released version 1.0. (more…)