Wheels API Documentation Available

The documentation now contains a section that documents all public functions in the Wheels API. You can now browse an complete list of the functions or browse by category.

It feels good to remove the apology for incomplete documentation from the documentation section!

As with almost everything else on the site, there is a lot more that we want to do with this new API documentation. Let us know in the Google Group if you have any ideas. Some future plans are as follows:

  • Comments section
  • Associate functions with other related functions and related chapters in the reference guide
  • Search

If you’re interested in how we implemented this, visit my blog post where I briefly describe the general idea.


  1. Chris Peters says:

    I like that idea, Ziggy. Thanks!

  2. ziggy says:

    Suggestion: make the description of each function hidden and clicking on the function name displays it below. 1 line of jquery code needed.

    Then MUCH faster and easier to use. (You could even bring them in via ajax if you wanted to use one file on various pages, but faster if on the page already.)

  3. Philippe says:

    I try to add a comment in the doc but it won’t accept my captcha challenge, no matter what :((

  4. Joel Stobart says:


    The guys I work with work behind a slow internet connection. We’ve just started a new railo-wheels project. In order to maximise efficiency they have turned the wheels api documentation into a chm for off-line use. If you guys want it – let me know and I’ll get them to send it to you.

    kind regards,