Screencasts Are Back

This blog has been a little quiet lately, but believe me that plenty has been going on behind the scenes.

We’ve released a new section on our site for Screencasts. I’ve started a series on building a fake social networking site, and the first 2 episodes are there:

The aim of the series is to go through a real world application and cover different topics as they are appropriate.

There are plenty more episodes and standalone screencasts in the works, so be sure to subscribe via RSS or iTunes.


  1. Chris Peters says:

    I know. The screencasts will get some home page and other link love here soon. I ran out of time but wanted to announce that they existed because I’ve been working on them for so long. 🙂

  2. Raul Riera says:

    There is no link to them in the site 😛

  3. Brian says:

    Keep the screencasts coming Chris!!!

  4. Brian says:

    Also, the “Miscellaneous Helpers” link on the Docs page is broken.

  5. Brian says:


    In the first video the table name is “people” (not “persons”). How did you get Wheels to look at the “people” table when creating the “person” model?

    Thanks! I’m having a great time digging into this!!!

  6. Brian says:

    Ah…I see, it’s automatic. Seems Wheels is smarter than I thought (it knows that PEOPLE is the plural of PERSON). Does it know that GEESE is the plural of GOOSE too? 🙂

  7. Chris Peters says:

    Brian, I’m glad that you figured it out so I didn’t have to give you the answer of, “It’s magic.” 😉

    If anyone ever builds an application with a table for “geese,” I’ll be amused/proud.

  8. Per Djurner says:

    Hi Brian.

    No, Wheels can’t pluralize “goose” correctly. Wheels is able to pluralize most common words though and when it fails you can use the table() method to set the table name in your model.