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Wheels 0.8.2 Released

The Wheels community has been finding some bugs here and there, which has resulted in an improved product for everyone.

That said, ColdFusion on Wheels 0.8.2 is available today. This includes many critical bug fixes. We recommend upgrading to this version as soon as you can.

Keep the feedback coming, everyone!

Wheels 0.8.3: Our Final Beta Release?

You probably didn’t see this one coming, at least not so soon… Wheels 0.8.3.

I’m most excited to announce that this release introduces support for Railo Express 3.0. As soon as the open sourced Railo 3.1 is released, we’ll have an opportunity to offer a full-stack open source CFML environment similar to Ruby on Rails. Many thanks to Wheels’s Peter Amiri and the Railo team for their efforts in getting this working.

Way-New Collaboration

Update: I wrote this blog post because I was fired up. Of course, I realize that you’re looking at the blog about Rails for ColdFusion. I was merely trying to get you to see the significance of what we’re doing here. Apologies if anyone thought that I was slamming the project. It really is a great thing!

I’ve been addicted to TED Talks for the past couple years. Recently, I caught up with a talk by author Howard Rheingold, called Way-new collaboration. (For those of you in RSS Land, click through to see the video.)

New Documentation: Using Layouts Chapter & New Tutorials

Right now is a pretty good time to be learning ColdFusion on Wheels. You can review the documentation that’s been written and learn as we write new chapters. So far, I’m guessing that it would be pretty easy to keep up with us!

If you haven’t been keeping up with the conversation in the discussion group, we’ve been producing some great new material. Up in the Docs are 2 new videos and 2 new written chapters.

Weekend Reading: New Documentation

Along with the 0.8 release of Wheels came a whole slew of new chapters in our Documentation. If you were looking into learning a little bit more about the framework over the weekend, the Docs are a great place to start.

Come Get Your Fresh 0.7 Release!

ColdFusion on Wheels is back with its triumphant 0.7 release. We’re glad to have Wheels’s ORM features back, along with a complete rewrite of the code base for improved performance. We’re hoping to write about great uses of the ORM features in particular in the coming weeks.

Upgrade to Wheels 0.8.1

We just put up a bug fix release that fixes a few critical errors with the 0.8 version:

  • Problem when placing application in a sub folder is now taken care of.
  • An error when trying to nullify a field is now fixed.
  • Missing rewrite rules for Apache are now included in the zip file again.
  • Wheels now runs fine on case sensitive operating systems once again.

You can download it from here.

Thanks to everyone who reported errors and helped us test the solutions!

Released: ColdFusion on Wheels Version 0.8

It’s only been a few short months, and we’re proud to already be releasing version 0.8 of Wheels!

This is an important release to everyone involved with the project. It proves that this framework is more than a toy and that we’re heading strongly toward a 1.0 release.

Creating Custom URLs in Your Wheels App with Routes

Today, I released a chapter in the Documentation called Using Routes.

Routes are a pretty cool feature of Wheels because they let you step outside of the URL convention that can sometimes feel like shackles.

Contributing to Wheels

As the project has been transitioning to “one guy doing all the work” to a true community effort, we’ve had a slight amount of growing pains. Of course, this is a great problem to have. But obviously, we need a little bit of structure.

In light of this, I’ve posted the first version of our process and guidelines for contributing to Wheels:

That said, we have some exciting features coming up in the next 0.8 release, and we need your help.

We’ll announce more details here soon.