Documentation Updates: Pages, Sending Email, and Configurations

We have 2 new chapters and 1 updated chapter in the Documentation.

First, Per wrote a chapter about Pages, which basically sums up a variety of ways that the view layer works to make your live as a developer easier.

Raul and Per worked together on a new chapter about Sending Email using the sendEmail() function. This is a powerful way to send different types of emails using templating and layout patterns similar to what’s available in Wheels’s view functionality.

Lastly, I updated the Configuration and Defaults chapter. I realized that we had left out some details as well as a full listing of what built-in configuration options are available.

Enjoy. Please continue providing feedback about the framework. We can’t do this without you guys!


  1. Mike Henke says:

    Is there a way to put all the complete documentation into a pdf? And maybe a pdf for sections also. I am finding myself, clicking and printing each link on


  2. Chris Peters says:

    Not a bad idea. I’ll see what I can do to get something like that up there.

  3. Randy Johnson says:

    Did you get anywhere with the PDF of the documentation?



  4. Chris Peters says:

    I actually started it over the weekend but wasn’t able to finish. I’ll more than likely have it done by the weekend.

  5. Randy Johnson says:

    Cool. Thanks. 🙂 I was thinking about using some regex and screen scraping to do it, but I’ll just wait.

    I assume everything is stored in a database? I was thinking a spreadsheet type view for the API might be cool too.


    Function Name | Description | Code Example

    That way I could just go down the list and review until I had everything memorized 🙂

    I’d be willing to help if you give me read access to your documentation tables.


  6. Chris Peters says:

    So I finally have the PDF version finished, thanks to the tag! Go to the Documentation section, and you should see the new shiny link.

    FYI, and the tag don’t play so well together if you have long lines in your code. I had to got through every chapter individually and chop down the long lines in the code examples.