Wheels 1.0: We're Production Ready

We’ve gone 1.0! Go download ColdFusion on Wheels 1.0 and give it a try. If you’re upgrading from a previous version, please review the instructions for Upgrading to 1.0 (even if you’re upgrading from the release candidate).

It’s an honor for me to announce this release and to thank our passionate community. The core team and community have put a ton of hard work into this project since I started contributing in November of 2007. Per Djurner has truly done some hero work. Everyone owes him a beer.

Even though Sean Corfield claims that Wheels doesn’t have much traction, we have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback of the framework. I expect more to come. It’s been picking up.

I’m going to risk forgetting to thank someone who has helped. I’m sorry if I missed you. Thanks so much to Rob Cameron (The Godfather), Per Djurner, Tony Petruzzi, Peter Amiri, Raul Riera, James Gibson, Mike Henke, Clarke Bishop, Russ Johnson, Grant Copley, Isaac Dealey, Tom Hoen, Andy Bellenie, Milo Maneo, Louis Plante, Joshua Clingenpeel, William Fisk, and Mike Haggerty for contributing to the project in meaningful ways. (Hey, I’ve always wanted to release a CD with a “Thank You” section, so this will have to do. :))

Here’s to a framework with a very bright future and a major contribution to the CFML community at large.


  1. James Gibson says:

    This is great! We will have the framework in a production environment soon and can’t wait to see it grow further.

  2. Per Djurner says:


    Thank you, Chris!

  3. Nick Lansbury says:

    Excellent news! Congratulations to all of those who contributed.

  4. Sami Hoda says:

    Very impressive. I’ll be looking at the framework more closely!

  5. Ben says:

    Congrats, I will definitely be moving over to this framework now that it finally has reached this milestone.

  6. John Farrar says:

    I am the creator of SOS (a compeditive framework) and COOP and other frameworks. Though this is not going to be where my work is centered you guys have done an excellent job IMO for creating something approachable, powerful and well documented. Congradulations on reaching version 1. This technology is worth a look and it seems to me a good addition to other fine frameworks.

  7. Rich DesCombaz says:

    Great to see…

  8. kilatkyut says:


  9. Indy Nagpal says:

    Congratulations. This is great news.

  10. Excited to check this out. Are you guys doing a user group tour of any kind? If so how do we get in on it?

  11. Chris Peters says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind works!

    David, user groups can get my email address through the Google Group. Yes, I’m very much interested in presenting to user groups. I’m sending you a message through your CFUG website now.

  12. Great news! I definitively love this framework. Great job.

  13. Rob Cameron says:

    Congratulations guys! Although I haven’t been involved in the development for years now I’ve been keeping an eye on it and can’t believe how far it’s come! I hope that anyone who’s even mildly curious about it gives it a try. It’ll change the way you develop apps forever!

  14. John Farrar says:

    I think you guys have the best common developer docs of any CF based frameworks at this time. I find that to be an inspiration and hope to give you some competition in the future but until then congrats for excellent work!