Wheels Added to CFML Framework Generator for Eclipse

Robert Burns was pretty quick at adding Wheels to his CFML Framework Skeletons plugin for Eclipse after we released version 1.0.

After installing the plugin in CFEclipse or ColdFusion Builder, you can start a new Wheels project in a wizard that appears after going to File > New > Project.... It will load up all the framework files that you need automatically.

ColdFusion on Wheels is now an option in the framework generator  plugin for Eclipse.

To install, add http://www.robertburns.me/update/ to your update sites in Eclipse.

The framework generator also supports code for ColdBox, FuseBox, FW/1, LightFront, Mach-II, and Model-Glue.


  1. Harleymanbo says:

    This will be awesome if I can get it working. I have Galileo Build: 20090920-1017

    I get the following error when I go to File, New, Project, CFML framework Skeletons, select CFWheels and hit next:

    Problem Opening Wizard:
    The Select Wizard could not be started:
    The Select Wizard could not be started:
    Plug-in org.cfml.frameworks was unable to load class.cfml.frameworks.wizards.CFWheels100Wizard.
    Bad version number in .class file

  2. Chris Peters says:

    Interesting. I’ll forward the issue on to Robert. Will let you know when the issue is addressed.