Weekend Reading: New Documentation

Along with the 0.8 release of Wheels came a whole slew of new chapters in our Documentation. If you were looking into learning a little bit more about the framework over the weekend, the Docs are a great place to start.

For those of you who have been following along since before 0.8, here’s what’s new:

All other chapters are updated for 0.8 as well.

As for the future of documentation, here are some of my hopes and dreams:

  • Documentation at the function level for the Wheels API (which is done for the most part… I just need to get it formatted and on the site!)
  • A better navigation system for the Docs themselves
  • A “Livedocs” format akin to how Adobe does it

Please let us know if we’re not clear about something in the Docs or if you have any ideas!


  1. John Whish says:

    Hi, I did write a sample cfwheels application which I’ve posted here. Feel free to use it if it’s any good 🙂

  2. reinhard says:

    creating a livedocs app would be a nice task to be programmed with cfwheels *g*
    keep on going – you’re doing a great job!