Wheels 0.8.3: Our Final Beta Release?

You probably didn’t see this one coming, at least not so soon… Wheels 0.8.3.

I’m most excited to announce that this release introduces support for Railo Express 3.0. As soon as the open sourced Railo 3.1 is released, we’ll have an opportunity to offer a full-stack open source CFML environment similar to Ruby on Rails. Many thanks to Wheels’s Peter Amiri and the Railo team for their efforts in getting this working.

Additionally, there were some bugs that Per couldn’t live with in the last release, so he cranked this one out for everyone. We’re getting pretty stable at this point. Keep the bug reports coming as we near the release candidate for 1.0!

Please note that there were some changes to method names that will probably affect your Wheels application after upgrading. Refer to our guide on Upgrading to Wheels 0.8 for highlights on what has changed with this 0.8.3 release.


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