Upgrade to Wheels 0.8.1

We just put up a bug fix release that fixes a few critical errors with the 0.8 version:

  • Problem when placing application in a sub folder is now taken care of.
  • An error when trying to nullify a field is now fixed.
  • Missing rewrite rules for Apache are now included in the zip file again.
  • Wheels now runs fine on case sensitive operating systems once again.

You can download it from here.

Thanks to everyone who reported errors and helped us test the solutions!


  1. wuseldusel says:

    hi guys. doesn’t seem to work either 🙁 … i’m receiving the same error message as before with 0.8.

  2. Per Djurner says:

    Hi, if you post to our Google Group someone can hopefully help you out with the installation:


  3. wuseldusel says:

    unfortunately i can’t post there at work. some firewall rules 🙁