Released: ColdFusion on Wheels Version 0.8

It’s only been a few short months, and we’re proud to already be releasing version 0.8 of Wheels!

This is an important release to everyone involved with the project. It proves that this framework is more than a toy and that we’re heading strongly toward a 1.0 release.

New accomplishments in this release:

  • Introduction of Oracle support
  • Composite key support for primary keys
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Those running version 0.7 should follow our instructions for Upgrading to Wheels 0.8.

He asked me not to mention his name, but the lion’s share of the work has yet again been done by Per Djurner. Everyone that has been following this project needs to give him major thanks for his dedication, talent, and persistence in implementing these new features.

I’m also proud to say that this has largely been a community-driven release. We have had countless discussions and suggestions in our Discussion Group and Code Site. Keep ’em coming, everyone!


  1. WuselDusel says:

    Could not find the ColdFusion Component or Interface controllers.Main

    The error occurred in C:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot\irk\wheels\base\internal.cfm: line 7

  2. wuseldusel says:

    i keep on getting this error, right after unzipping cfwheels and trying to get the start page. i’m running coldfusion 8 on windows xp. i unzipped the files in wwwroot/my_project folder of the coldfusion 8 installation folder.

  3. Per Djurner says:

    This has been fixed now, please upgrade to Wheels 0.8.1.

    More info here: