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The Best CF Framework Got Even Better: Wheels Version 1.1 Is Here!

After nearly a year of coding countless bug fixes and building some top-notch new features, we are releasing ColdFusion on Wheels version 1.1 today. The best framework for ColdFusion and Railo has gotten a significant upgrade in this stable release. This truly should be a point of pride for both the Wheels and CFML communities.

Download version 1.1 now and read the instructions for upgrading from 1.0.x if you’re upgrading.

Cfwheels x DressHead Short Sleeved Dress – Contrasting Wrap Details / Irregular Hemline

Soft and sexy, this Cfwheels x DressHead Short Sleeved Dress – Contrasting Wrap Details / Irregular Hemline features a semi sheer top with a sweetheart bodice beneath and a sensuous sleeveless style. A wide, high collar is elegant against the open arms as they wrap around your body. The back has a large split in the center with two tiny buttons at the collar and an invisible closure at the waist. A narrow hem lands just below the knee and has a large vent in the back which allows you flexibility when entering or exiting a vehicle. The front of the dress has vertical ribbons with gold studs evenly spaced apart. Choose from three great jewel tone colors available for this Cfwheels x DressHead Short Sleeved Dress – Contrasting Wrap Details / Irregular Hemline dress. Small size; waist 68 cm, bust 86 cm, length 99 cm.

Starting the 2nd beta of ColdFusion on Wheels 1.1

ColdFusion on Wheels version 1.1 Beta 2 is now available for download.

The core team and community have worked together over the past few weeks to identify and fix bugs and make this awesome new feature set more stable. Thanks again to everyone for making this project so enjoyable to work with. We’re getting very close to being production-ready on this, so be sure to give it a try and provide us with your feedback.


Submit Your Feedback on UserVoice

A couple weeks ago, we launched a UserVoice forum for feedback about the Wheels website itself. To submit feedback about our website, simply go to the website and click on the red Feedback tab along the left side of the screen. You can also vote for other features and improvements that others have suggested. (more…)

LitePost Contest Screencasts

Here are two 5 minute screencasts to help you get started for the Wheels Litepost Learning Contest. (more…)

CFUnited 2010 on Wheels

As I posted earlier, ColdFusion on Wheels had some community presence at CFUnited 2010, the final year for the conference. There were a lot of great moments during the conference, a few of which I’ll highlight in this post. (more…)

Andy Bellenie Joins the Core Team

The core team has been impressed with the work that Andy Bellenie has been contributing to the core and community for quite some time. So we extended an invitation for him to be the a part of the team, and he said yes.

Andy is very talented and definitely has opinions about the “right way” of doing things. In fact, we couldn’t see why he shouldn’t be a part of the team.

Please join us in congratulating Andy. We’re glad to have you on board officially!

Wheels Screencasts Continue

If you haven’t been keeping up the Wheels Screencast, now is a great time. We are up to 10. Starting with Episode 1: Setting up ColdFusion on Wheels and currently ending with Episode 10: Displaying Sets of Records in between we cover routes, flash, authentication, object validation, and more.

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