ColdFusion on Wheels Version 1.1.2 Released Today

We’re releasing ColdFusion on Wheels version 1.1.2 today, which includes several bug fixes. Upgrade immediately to increase the stability of your Wheels application.

As with all releases in the 1.x cycle, you can upgrade by replacing the wheelsfolder in your current application with the new one from the zip file.

Here is a list of issues resolved from the CHANGELOG:

  • select(), selectTag() allow an array of structs to be passed to options
  • Changed default argument on includeContent() to defaultValue
  • Add when argument to validate()
  • Added the varchar_ignorecase type to the H2 adapter
  • Fix so that the full table name is always retuned
  • Pagination with parameterize set to false for numeric keys
  • Blank should be the selected value when includeBlank is set in select()
  • validatesLengthOf() failed when both maximum and minimum were specified

Thanks everyone for your support. Please continue to share your experiences in the Google Group and submit issues and feature requests to the issue tracker.


  1. Mohamad says:

    This is awesome! Thanks guys!