The CFWheels Channel on CFML Slack Has Been Archived

Back in May 2022 we posted a blog article announcing that CFWheels has moved to GitHub Discussions. At the time this effected the retirement of the Google mailing list and redirecting the links on the home page to the new GitHub Discussions site. Now the time has come to also retire the CFWheels channel on the CFML Slack instance.

Feel free to go back and read the original post from May that laid out the reasoning for this move but we thought it was important to reiterate our thought process once again. At the core, the reasons for this move are to move our discussions closer to the code, allowing the poster and respondent to more easily link to specific branches, files, and even lines of code. Issues can be converted to discussions if they warrant further community input or discussions promoted to an issue once an issue or feature has had open consultation and next steps identified. Discussions can be marked as answered and the specific answer identified for future reference. And most importantly, all these discussions, collaborations, and consultations are searchable and discoverable by search engines so the community as a whole reaps the benefits.

We have seen how the move to GitHub discussions by other open source communities has benefited their community and brought their discussions closer to the codebase. We hope this move by us will be similarly fruitful.


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