Wheels Blog Badges, Wallpaper, and Free T-Shirts

ColdFusion on Wheels will be giving away a limited number of How’s My Coding? t-shirts at cf.Objective. In the spirit of upcoming conferences and love for Wheels, Chaz Chumley has made How’s My Coding? wallpaper and blog images.

cf.Objective(), April 22-24, and CFUnited, July 28-31, will have Wheels sessions so register, attend our sessions, and say Hi.

Blog Badges

We have several variations to choose from. Here are two:

Example code to place on your site

<a href=”http://www.cfwheels.org“> <img src=”http://github.com/mhenke/cfwheels-extras/raw/master/badges/wheels_visit_small_logo-badge.jpg” width=”125″ height =”125″ border=”0″ /></a>


You can see and download the different wallpaper and badges psd/jpg files here. Since the images are hosted on github feel free to send Chaz any pull requests of your contributions like altering a badge or creating a different sized wallpaper.

T-Shirt Giveaway

Find Mike Henke at cf.Objective() and show him the wallpaper on your computer or the blog badge on your site and he’ll give you a free t-shirt while supplies last.

Make custom t-shirts at CustomInk.com


  1. Maroof Saeed says:

    I am interested in your free t-shirt as it looks so nice having cf wheels logo. i am working in coldfusion from the past 8 years. i want it but here you have mentioned that these t-shirts are only available for those who attend cf objective, but unfortunaitly i am not able to attend it. So is it possible that you guys kindly send me. I am very thankful to you guys.