Screencast: Basic CRUD interface in CFWheels 2.x


  1. Tom!!!

    Thanks so much for the quick video overview of CFWheels 2.x. I’ve been meaning to look into it closer, but a 10 minute video is way easier than diving into the documentation. My website ( is still on CFWheels 1.1.8 (sad trombone) and I’m not sure how risky it is to upgrade. Any insights?

    Love that you integrate with Bootstrap 3 right out of the box.
    Love that you’re more tightly coupled to the CommandBox family (huge fan!)
    Love the scaffolding tools

    Great job! It’s obvious a lot of work has gone into this and I’m happy to see so much progress. Who are the core team members these days?


  2. Tom King says:

    Thanks Chris. For your 1.1.8 site, I’d shove it up to 1.4.6 first just to get any oddities out the way. 1.x -2.x will be mainly about routing for you I’d imagine. I’m going to do a couple of videos on that, as it’s probably the main thing holding people back at the moment. Main Per, Adam & Me these days, although we’ve had a few more people actively committing which is nice!