Released: ColdFusion on Wheels 1.0.4

Today we’re releasing ColdFusion on Wheels version 1.0.4. This release fixes another round of bugs and adds more stability improvements.

Download it now, replace the wheels folder with the new one, and reload your application. If you’re upgrading from a version earlier than 1.0, follow these instructions.

From the change log at wheels/CHANGELOG:

  • Added missing support for passing in array of model objects as options to select() – #411
  • Fixed so “afterFind” callback methods are only called once during pagination – #435
  • Added “prependOnAnchor” and “appendOnAnchor” arguments to paginationLinks() to get around an issue where the “appendToPage” string was added on anchor pages – #434
  • Fixed bug in paginationLinks() when using “appendToPage” with single page result
  • Fixed bug with count() when using composite primary keys
  • Fixed concurrency issue related to setting the model name on associations – #419
  • Fix for skipping duplicate columns returned from cfdbinfo when using Oracle – #437 & #439
  • Fix for race conditions when setting the join clause in an application scoped model object – #432
  • Fixed so URLFor() is not duplicating controller and action when URL rewriting is off – #433
  • Added support to imageTag() for all image types that the CFML engine supports


  1. Brian says:

    You guys are kicking so much ass! Keep it up!!!