New Tutorial: Wheels, AJAX, and You

Raúl Riera and I collaborated on a new tutorial in the reference guide called Wheels, AJAX, and You. The tutorial discusses 3 different ways to request and receive data from the controller using asynchronous JavaScript.

While much of this may be standardized in future releases of Wheels, this tutorial gives you some fairly simple options for integrating AJAX functionality into your Wheels 1.0.x applications today.


  1. tony petruzzi says:

    you both did a outstanding job with this tutorial. very easy to follow.

  2. Thank you for the efforts with the CF on Wheels FW in general and this tutorial. I’ve been trying it and have some problems. Hopefully me and Raul can try to find where the problem is. You will get my report on it when this is done, hopefully soon. I am sure feedback would be good also for other users, who may find themselves in the same position as I did when trying this tutorial.

    In this occasion I would like to ask anyone that tried to follow the instructions in this tutorial, to give their feedback about how everything went.

    Did you manage get all done successfully? Did you get stuck somewhere during the process? Did you have any problems while installing everything?

    Tony? Did you have any problems with it? Did you only read the tutorial 🙂 or did you also try it?

    Ahank you all.

  3. SO, with great help from Raul I managed to get this thing to work. Where was the problem? Well, JS was broken somehow. As soon as I closed CF debugging, everything started to work fine.

    As soon as I will find some time I am going to post about it.

  4. Brandon says:

    Just wanted to say “THANK YOU!” for this fantastic tutorial, this is exactly what I was looking for. I can’t wait to try this out =D!