Wheels LitePost Contest – Win Amazon Gift Card

ColdFusion On Wheels is announcing a contest to create an example of LitePost using Wheels

The LitePost project is hosted here. It is a simple blogging application to compare different ColdFusion frameworks. A sql script for the tables and other framework examples are available.


Fun exercise to learn Wheels for newbies and chance to win an Amazon Gift card.


Grand Prize (one): $50 $100 Amazon Gift card

Runner Up Prizes (two): $25 $50 Amazon Gift card

Everyone: Free one year Mini Hosting Plan at Alurium Hosting (over $40 value)


Only one rule for the contest – create a LitePost example using Wheels philosophies such as conventions over configuration, no xml, Object Relational Mapping, Object Validation, etc. No ColdSpring requirement for component management.


  • Download and use the Wheels framework
  • Login/Logout
  • Entries (Create, Read, Update, and Delete)
  • Comments (Create, Read, Update, and Delete)
  • Categories (Create, Read, Update, and Delete)
  • Bookmarks (Create, Read, Update, and Delete)
  • Use Wheels Object Validation on above items
  • RSS feed (Bonus)

Contest ends on February 19, 2010. Winners will be picked by me (Mike Henke). I will be taking bribes and will be partial to newbies 🙂


Please email entries to henke.mike@gmail.com include your name and your Wheels/LitePost example. Any code emailed may be used by ColdFuson On Wheels.

Getting Started

If you are not familiar with Wheels, review the two tutorials, Beginner Tutorial: Hello World and Beginner Tutorial: Hello Database. The screencasts are a great way to quickly get started. If you have more time, user group recordings are available.

Direct any questions to the Wheels Google Group


  1. kilatkyut says:

    Very Nice …

  2. Chris Peters says:

    Mike, I’ll throw in $50 too. Can you update this post distributing my contribution to either of the prizes?

  3. Mike Henke says:

    Adjusted the prizes. Thanks

  4. I’m in for $50 as well.

  5. Mike Henke says:

    Here are two 5 min screencasts to get contestants about 80% done.


  6. Peter Amiri says:

    Mike good stuff. I’d like to do my part to entice everyone to submit entries, so I am going to offer a free one year Mini Hosting Plan at Alurium Hosting to every LitePost Contest entry. When all the entries are in, let me know and we’ll take care of the details.

  7. Mike Henke says:

    Thanks Peter. I added the prize to the blog entry.