ColdFusion on Wheels at cf.Objective() 2011


If you’re attending cf.Objective() 2011, you’ll have a couple opportunities to learn more about ColdFusion on Wheels. You’ll also have access to a couple prominent members of the Wheels community at the conference, so be sure to say hi!

Wheels Events Scheduled for cf.Objective() 2011

Simplifying Development with ColdFusion on Wheels: An Introduction

Speaker: Chris Peters

If you’re new to the ColdFusion on Wheels framework and want to give it a try, then this presentation is for you.

This session will cover an overview of the conventions that the framework assumes and live coding demos of the built-in ORM, controller, and view layers. Learn how features like validation, callbacks, nested properties, filters, verification, and partials help you start coding now and clean up and refactor as you go.

Introducing ColdFusion On Wheels (Pre-conference)

Speaker: Mike Henke

You’ll spend the two days working through a single concept by creating a simple blog system and learning the basics of ColdFusion On Wheels including:

  • Models, Views, and Controllers
  • Data Structures & Relationships
  • Routing
  • Migrations
  • Views with forms, partials, and helpers
  • RESTful design
  • Using Wheels plugins


  1. good luck you two. i know you’ll both make us proud 😉