ColdFusion on Wheels 1.1 Release Candidate 1

After fixing some bugs found in the 2nd beta, we are happy to release the first release candidate of version 1.1 of the ColdFusion on Wheels framework. If you’re currently developing with one of the beta releases or are considering exploring version 1.1, we strongly encourage that you download the RC today.

As with all releases in the 1.x cycle, upgrading from a previous version is simple: just replace the wheels folder from your current install with the new wheels folder from the zip file. The Upgrading to Wheels 1.1.x chapter in the documentation outlines instructions for upgrading from previous versions.

The CHANGELOG outlines changes included in 1.1 RC 1. Thanks to everyone for testing, reporting errors, sharing ideas, and fixing bugs. We ask that you continue to work on your applications with this new RC 1 and help us ensure that we have a great final release!


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