ColdFusion on Wheels is moving to GitHub

On Sunday, January 23, the Wheels project moved its source code hosting to GitHub. You can now browse to the cfwheels repository on GitHub, fork it, and watch it for updates—all from your GitHub dashboard.

This is only for the source code as we will still be using Google Code for issue tracking and documentation for the time being.

You maybe wondering why we are making this move and it all has to do with making it easier for community participation. Google Code has been an excellent place to host the project over the last years, but in order to get your changes into Wheels, you had to check out the source code to your local machine, make the changes, and create a patch. Once that was done, you either needed to open an issue or post something on the group to announce your patch. While this is all part of the standard development process, it’s cumbersome and could be better.

With GitHub, you’ll be able to fork, edit, and submit a pull request to us all from the GitHub website. Once we have the pull request, we’ll be able to review the changes, again right from the GitHub website. This will make it extremely easy for us to get simple documentation changes and quick code fixes. More elaborate changes will still have to go through a code review. However, having all your changes available for us to review through your fork on GitHub again makes things simpler.

Thanks once again for everything you all do to make Wheels an excellent framework for CFML!


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