CFWheels 2.3.0-rc.1 Released

This version has been cooking for a while and there have been many contributors. But since this is my first release a the helm with a new CI pipeline in place, I felt more comfortable doing a Release Candidate first.

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If updating from CFWheels 2.2.x:

If should be an easy upgrade, just swap out the wheels folder.


View Enhancements

  • Adds association error support via includeAssociations argument #1080 – [Nikolaj Frey]

Bug Fixes

  • onerror handler should increase user defined requestTimeout value #1056 – [Adam Chapman]
  • deletedAt should also respect timestamp mode (UTC) #1063 – [David Belanger]
  • Fixes No output from Debug() usage in plugin test cases #1061 – [Tom King]
  • Development mode will now properly return a 404 status if view not found #1067 – [Adam Cameron, Tom King]
  • 404 status now properly returned without URL rewriting #1067 – [Adam Cameron, Tom King]
  • Internal Docs in ACF2018 should now not display duplicate categories [Tom King]
  • Internal Docs search now resets itself properly on backspace with empty value #982 – [Brandon Shea, Tom King]
  • ValidatesConfirmationOf() now correctly enforces prescence of confirmation property #1070 – [Adam Cameron, Tom King]
  • resource()/resources() now allows empty only property to utilise as non-route parent #1083 – [Brian Ramsey]
  • Handle XSS Injection in development enviroment – [Michael Diederich]
  • Fix params bug in CLI API [#1106] – [Peter Amiri]


  • Update Docker Lucee Commandbox version to 5.2.0 – [Adam Chapman, Tom King]
  • Minor internal obselete reference to modelComponentPath removed – [Adam Chapman, Tom King]
  • Minor visual fix for long migration logs overflow in modal (scroll) – [Brian Ramsey]
  • Add test suite for Lucee and H2 Database to the GitHub Actions test suite. – [Peter Amiri]
  • On going changes to update the H2 drivers [#1107] – [Peter Amiri]
  • Fixes some syntax formating introduced by cfformat [#1111] – [Adam Chapman]
  • Minimum ColdFusion version is now ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 3 (2018,0,03,314033) / ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 10 (2016,0,10,314028) / ColdFusion 11 Update 18 (11,0,18,314030) #923 – [Michael Diederich]
  • Wheels save(allowExplicitTimestamps=true) doesn’t produce the expected result [#1113] – [SebastienFCT]

Potentially Breaking Changes

  • Automatic Time Stamps: the deletedAt column was using the server’s local time for the timestamp while createdAt / updatedAt were using the timestamp selected for the timestamp mode. The default for CFWheels’ timestamp mode is UTC and therefore all future deletedAt timestamps will be in UTC unless you’ve changed the default. Please review any SQL that uses deletedAt for datetime comparison.


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