ColdFusion on Wheels 1.0.1 Maintenance Release

Today, we release a minor maintenance version, ColdFusion on Wheels 1.0.1. Download it today. There are no new features, but everyone likes a more stable code base!

For those of you upgrading from version 1.0, the path is very simple. Simply replace the wheels folder of your install with the new wheels folder from the zip file.

With help from the community, we were able to identify and squash 25 bugs. All of them were minor edge cases, so most have not caused any pain whatsoever for Wheels developers. For a detailed list, refer to the CHANGELOG included with the download.

For those of you looking to try out Wheels, check out our Wheels LitePost Contest for a chance to win some Amazon dollars. Also check out some head start screencasts for the contest too.


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