Legacy Plugins

These plugins are either deprecated or aimed at CFWheels 1.x

Active Directory
Add helper function(s) to use with Microsoft's Active Directory

Asset Bundler
A plugin that combines and minifies your javascript and css code.

Assign GUIDs
Adds guid support to models when creating records

Easily upload files in your models

Automates common controller actions

Authenticate This! Adds salt and hash authentication and password reset to any model

Better Redirects
This plugin adds some redirect helpers. It's based on a blog post by Connor McKay: Better Redirects in Rails.

Block Robots
Use the blockRobots() function to automatically block search engine spiders from crawling your non-production environments.

BlueImp File Uploader
A short CFC for utilising the BlueImp Ajax uploader with CFWheels

This plugin offer a complete solution to add a breadcrumb trail navigation to your application.

Uses browscap.ini and user agent to determine browser capabilities

A permission management library based on CanCan for CFWheels

Abstraction layer for adding/editing/deleting datasources, for Railo and Adobe CF9

Relational algebra query engine for CFWheels.

Clone Model
Allows simple duplication of existing model objects and their associations.

ColdBox's CacheBox for Wheels
CacheBox: The Enterprise ColdFusion Caching Engine, Aggregator and API

ColdDoc For Wheels
generates html or uml documentation of your controllers and models

ColdFISH on Wheels
Jason Delmore's ColdFISH syntax highlighter as a ColdFusion on Wheels plugin.

RESTful routing and namespaces with an elegant syntax.

Controller Layout
A plugin that allows you to share layouts between controllers

Adds support for database views

Datatables For Wheels
easily add filter/sorting to any table with jquery and ajax

DataTables with Bootstrap theme and CRUD links
Modified Datatables plugin to add bootstrap theme

Use a jQuery UI datePicker widget in your CFWheels forms

This plugin adds Database Migration functionality to CFWheels similar to Rails' Active Record migrations.

Adds the ability to set defaults for the findAll() method on a per-Model basis.

Email Inline Images
Enhance SendMail to embed images and Spool test emails

Exception Render
Use CFWheels's controller system and your own custom logic to render error pages.

Fallback Image
Display an image instead of an error message

Flash Helpers
Handle with ease Wheels "flash" system

Flash Wrapper
Adds new parameters to flash() and flashMessages() so their output can be wrapped with custom HTML.

Adds support for forcing a user's connection to HTTPS if they're loading only the HTTP version of a given URL.

Form Groups
Generate groups of check boxes and radio buttons by passing a query, array, or struct as an argument called options.

This plugin for CFWheels provides method for get all values from MySQL datatypes Enum(' and Set('.

GL-Google Analytics
GL-Google Analytics helps you easily track website statistics within your application using Google Analytics’ service.

GL-Gravatar makes displaying images from the online service Gravatar.com easy with its simple gravatarTag() function.

GL-Headliner is a port of Patrick Crowley’s Headliner Rails plugin for ColdFusion on Wheels. GL-Headliner can help you DRY up your page titles within your application.

Integrate all properties of a 1:1 relationship when returned as an object or struct

This plugin extend the capability of timeAgoInWords() and timeUntilInWords() to be localized into any language.

Ioc Interface
Interface to the your BeanFactory

Isaac Dealey's CacheBox plugin
CacheBox provides a one-stop-shop for content caching.

javaLoader for CFWheels
adds javaloader functionality

Plugin which allow you to create your own custom config

plugin which helps creating multilanguage websites

jQueryTab Built for cfwheels using jQuery

JSON Properties
Allows you to store JSON data in your database fields easily

jTidy CFC
using jtidy_cfc returns parsed and valid xHTML

Make the CFWheels test framework return jUnit XML

LESS Engine for CFWheels
despise CSS then checkout LESS

This plugin offer a more secure solution to protect your application by obfuscating the [key].

Use Java resource bundles to handle localization

This plugin offer a complete solution to add localization (translation) capabilities to your application.

Based upon "gettext". Localizer is a plugin to "harvest" messages in your application so that they can be easily be localized into any language.

Log User Actions
Allows the automatic completion of user logging fields during create, update and delete actions.

Converts Markdown text to HTML.

Geolocate a user based on their IP address

Microsoft Access Database Adapter
Allows CRUD operations with an MS Access file (.mdb).

Mobile Helpers
A simple set of mobile helper functions

Model Monitor
Intercepts model calls and logs the results to a simple interface for review. Excellent for confirming your data-tier transactions are occurring as expected.

Multi Module
Allows multiple modules under a single wheels application. Each module has a single sub folder containing its own models, controllers, and views.

Nested errorMessageOn
Adds support for nested property-like arguments for the errorMessageOn() view helper.

IoC plugin

Oracle Auto Increment
Simulates Auto Increment primary key field for Oracle using sequences

Oracle DB Link
Allows wheels to correctly read table metadata accross Oracle remote database link

Override sendEmail() in design mode
Sets attributes to override sendEmail() in design, development & maintenance modes

Builds and returns a form using the PayPal HTML Variables for the Website Payments Standard

With pdfMaker you can create a pdf file to be sent to the browser or saved to your folder of choice.

Plugin Packager
Allows you to select a plugin directory whose contents you would like to zip into a ColdFusion on Wheels plugin.

Browse and download authorized plugins directly from your local Wheels install.

This plugin extend the capability of pluralize() to take this in consideration for the french language. If zero then it will stay singular.

The Provides Plugin lets you manage the data format returned by your Wheels controller.

Pushover Plugin
Interface to the Pushover API

This plugin will create a QR Code image and return the image.

reCAPTCHA on Wheels
With 2 simple functions, you can use Google's reCAPTCHA service to provide CAPTCHA validation on your forms.

Remote Form Helpers
Adds a set of CFMJS functions (ColdFusion + Javascript) as well as a set of new form helpers that work exclusively with AJAX.

Required Fields
Use this plugin to append a marked up asterisk to the labels of required fields.

Manage and optimize your JavaScript and CSS with RequireJS and LESS

Add scaffolding to your Wheels applications. It will enable you to quickly create Controllers, Models and Views.

This plugin extend the sendEmail() with the option to remove attachment files (if any) after the mail is successfully delivered.

serializeJSONP(data,callback) generates valid JSONP data

Session Cache
A plugin that caches session data in the request and always remembers to lock the session scope.

Shortcode implementation for cfwheels

Simple Sorting
Provides methods for sorting any model by an integer field.

When called on an object, will return only simple properties of the object AND its nested properties.

Single Table Inheritance
Allows you to store different model classes in a single database table.

States and Countries
Plugin returns queries for: US States, Canadian Provinces, US States and Canadian Provinces, and World Countries

Get more specific than StructKeyExists() with new methods like structIntegerExists(), structDateExists(), etc.

Subdomain Routing
Use subdomain patterns in cfwheels routing

Track Email
Track email sent, views, and clicks.

Allows you to use cftransaction tags in your Wheels code.

upload files using your model!!!

This plugin tries to make uploading files to your CFWheels application easy and secure

Keep session data even when cookies are disabled

ValidatesRulesOf (with 60 rules)
Add chainable validation rules to your model, includes 60 rules, better error messages & autoFix input

Easy integration of the Wirebox DI/IOC/AOP framework

WordArt CFC generates image for insertion of typography on a webpage by converting text to image in various styles. There are over 25 different options available in this first release of WordArt.

Use the WURFL Index to determine users capabilities and features

YM_Google-Analytics helps you easily track website statistics within your application using Google Analytics’ service.

YM_Gravatar makes displaying images from the online service Gravatar.com easy with its simple gravatarTag() function.

YM_Headliner can help you DRY up your page titles within your application.