Extend or modify the behavior of your CFWheels application.

These plugins have been released to work with CFWheels 2.x. See Legacy Plugins

Title Latest Version Description Details
CFWheels SAML 1.0.0 CFWheels plugin for SAML Single Sign-On Versions: 1
CFWheels Models Default Scope 0.0.12 CFWheels 2.x Add default scope to models for FindAll method Versions: 11
TitleTag Plugin 1.0.2 DRY up your title tags. Allows you to define each page's title within it's view. Versions: 2
CFWheels File Bin 0.1.0 CFWheels File Bin Versions: 1
cfwheels ckEditor plugin 1.0.1 Over-ride the textArea() function Versions: 2
cfwheels Bootstrap Multiselect plugin 1.0 Creates a new function to allow for a multiselect box Versions: 1
CFWheels Example Plugin 0.0.4 CFWheels Example Plugin Versions: 4
Shortcodes 0.0.4 Shortcodes Plugin for CFWheels Versions: 3
CFWheels iCal4j 2.0.0 CFWheels 2.x Plugin Date Repeats Methods via iCal4J Java Lib Versions: 5
CFWheels JS Disable 1.1 JS Disable - CFWheels Plugin Versions: 2
CFWheels bCrypt 1.0.2 CFWheels 2.x plugin helper methods for the bCrypt Java Lib Versions: 3
CFWheels JS Confirm 1.0.5 JS Confirm - CFWheels Plugin Versions: 4
Datepicker 2.0.6 Datepicker Plugin for CFWheels Versions: 4
UpgradeAdvisor 0.8.1 CFWheels 2.x Upgrade Advisor Versions: 9
CFWheels FlashMessages Bootstrap 1.0.2 CFWheels 2.0 plugin to add Bootstrap tags to flashMessages Versions: 3
CFWheels JWT 1.0.1 CFWheels plugin for encoding and decoding JSON Web Tokens (JWT) Versions: 2
CFWheels LinkToDefaultTitle 0.0.9 This helper plugin will automatically display the page title when using the linkTo() function. Versions: 4
UnitTest Fixtures 0.0.9 Use JSON files to lazily initialize (Create and Populate) your empty test database for Unit Testing. Versions: 2
CFWheels Model Nesting 0.0.4 Model Nesting - fixes cfquery dot notation Versions: 2
CFWheels Disable Form Default IDs 0.0.1 Disable IDs from being added to form inputs Versions: 1
Authenticate This! 1.0.1 CFWheels 2.x Adds bCrypt authentication helper methods to any model Versions: 2