Learning Wheels LitePost Contest Winners

We announced a Wheels LitePost Learning Contest on January 25. The contest consisted of creating a simple LitePost blogging application using Wheels.

In addition to the prizes listed below, everyone also was granted a one-year Mini Hosting Plan at Alurium Hosting (over $40 value).

Grand Prize Winner – $100 Amazon Gift Cart

Aaron Wells

Blog Working Example

Source Code

Runner Up Winners – $50 Amazon Gift card

Cathy Shapiro

Source Code

Ryan Stille

Source Code


“This has been a great exercise for me and has really made me more comfortable with the framework.”

“This is my first ever project in Wheels, and I was thrilled about the contest since it gave me a deadline. ”

“So far I’ve found this to be a pretty neat framework. I see a lot of similarity to Rails. The documentation is very good.”

I know the entries would really like feedback on their code. So have at it 🙂


  1. congrats to all the contestants and winners.

  2. Raul Riera says:

    Congratulations to the winners 😀 I like the use of jQuery over the Scaffold output

  3. Mike Henke says:

    I was really impressed with the entries 🙂 Quality work and the code is on github for people to look at.

  4. Russ Johnson says:

    Great Job! and congrats to the winners!