Core Team

The core team leads the development of the CFWheels framework.

Members are listed alphabetically.

Singgih Cahyono

Singgih started contributing via MultiModule plugin and Travis-CI continuous integration. Originally from Indonesia, he is currently living in heart of Europe. Check out his Software Development blog about testing and automation.

Per Djurner

Per is the principal developer of CFWheels. Most of the codebase would not exist without Per's skills and devotion to producing a quality product.

Chris Peters

Chris is a founding member of the core team, built the 2nd version of, writes much of the documentation, and contributes to the core and plugins as he is able.

Hall of Fame

These guys no longer work on the core team of the CFWheels project.

Rob Cameron Rob Cameron

Rob founded the CFWheels project in 2005. He still blogs about Ruby, Rails, and open source software on his personal site, Riding the Clutch.

Tony Petruzzi

Tony was the principal developer of the CFWheels core team for work leading up to version 1.3. He has a blog called Rip's Domain, where he writes about ColdFusion and whatever. :)

Andy Bellenie

Andy is a passionate believer in opinionated software and obsessive about well-factored code. Andy contributed many bug fixes and new features for CFWheels 1.0, 1.1, and leading up to 1.3.

James Gibson

James implemented many new features and fixed many bugs in CFWheels 1.0-1.1. His key contributions were nested properties, provides, and many plugins.

Don Humphreys

Don is a web developer and competitive cyclist. He has developed some deep experience with the CFWheels core by submitting patches and developing the CFRel and ColdRoute plugins.

Peter Amiri

Peter worked with Per for a few years testing, writing documentation, and contributing code. Most notably, Peter was instrumental in getting CFWheels compatible with Railo.

Raúl Riera

Raúl contributed many bug fixes to CFWheels 1.0-1.1 and authored several plugins, including Scaffold and Remote Form Helpers.