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Join the conversation, contribute source code, and build plugins. There are plenty of ways that you can help out!

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We do all the talking on our Google Group. Come say hi, discuss features, and ask questions.

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Extend or modify Wheels behavior by creating plugins—or downloading plugins created by others.

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Contributors of source code, builders of Wheels sites, and plugin developers.

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The core team leads framework development and outreach initiatives.

Wheels on the Web

Many of these articles and blog posts are opportunities for us as a community to communicate with others about why Wheels rocks!

Wheels Bloggers Blog Posts Feed

Blog posts from CFML developers who use Wheels.

Scaling your hosting environment with free servicesTom King (16 days ago)
There comes a point in life when your current hosting environment needs to scale up, and quickly. It might just be that one of your clients gets very popular very quickly, or the gradual addin…
Luxury in WoodTom King (about 1 month ago)
It’s always fun releasing a site to the wild. Luxury in Wood is a bespoke furniture maker in High Wycombe run by Stewart Linford. I did a rebranding exercise and a new site for them R…
Mura CMS vulnerability – might apply to your cfWheels appTom King (2 months ago)
Just a head’s up: This recent Mura CMS issue is something which could possibly apply to a wheels app: I’m not ref…
RSS2 & iCal for RoomBooking SystemTom King (3 months ago)
Since Jan 2014, RSS2 and iCal have been added – these are a bit experimental – would appreciate feedback! Each user can have a unique key generated for them by an administrator (it…
Things learned from creating the RoomBooking System (part 2)Tom King (6 months ago)
The Room Booking system is now available as v 1.01; the main addition being permissions, roles and authentication. As before, I thought it might be useful to highlight a few of the thought pro…

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Articles and Discussion Articles Feed

Hand-picked articles and discussion on the Web about the ColdFusion on Wheels framework.

OpenCF Summit Speaker Interview: Mike Henke (discovered over 3 years ago)
A quick interview with Mike Henke, who will be hosting an Unconference session at OpenCF Summit 2011.
ColdFusion Wheels & Model Glue (discovered over 3 years ago)
Let this poster know your thoughts: "Wondering if anybody has any experiences, positive or negative with using CF Wheels and/or Model-Glue.  Perhaps you have some advice to share on proper techniques, etc."
Adobe Forums: Anybody have any thoughts on CFWheels? (discovered over 3 years ago)
Let this poster know your thoughts: "I just recently got back into doing ColdFusion and I am looking at CFWheels right now as a framework choice?  Any thoughts would be appreciated."
Engage with OpenCF Summit (discovered over 3 years ago)
Show your love for Wheels by voting for or submitting your own presentation topic ideas for OpenCF Summit 2011.
cf.Objective() 2011: Topic Suggestion Survey - Get Involved! (discovered over 3 years ago)
Show your love for Wheels by voting for or submitting your own presentation topic ideas for cf.Objective() 2011.

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